December 2, 2008

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Polishing a BBW Mistress’ nails

BBW Lady Cathy wants her nails polished, so she instructs her slave to come over to her, knee down, take off her sneakers and demands to get her nails polished. But her slave is too dumb and also griping about her feet beeing smelly – of course Cathy is very angry about that, grabs his hair, raising his head and push the brush of the nail polish into his mouth. Now he has to paint her nails with the brush in mouth. After he finished the polishing she forces his head down on the floor, resting her feet on his head until the polish is dry.

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October 4, 2008

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Russian Christina’s cuckold foot slave

Christina and her new boyfriend are sitting on the couch, while her loser cuckold lies on the floor in front of them and serves her beautiful but very dirty feet. He can’t do anything against this extreme humiliation – he has to lick the feet of his dream girl while she’s having fun and kissing another guy.

Christina making out with her new boyfriend while her cuckold can lick her dirty feet.
Lick Christina's dirty soles, cuckold! Christina resting her dirty feet on her cuckolds slave

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