December 4, 2008

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Layla and Jane train their lazy human pony

The spoiled chicks Layla & Jane don’t want to walk – so they train their slave to be their human pony. They start soft – taking turns sitting on his back while the other one whips his ass to make him move faster. But soon they think this is too easy for him, so they decide to ride him together. See what they do to lazy ponies!

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December 3, 2008

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Smell Antonia’s sweaty body parts!

Antonia is a cruel girl, she makes her slave smell her sweaty bodyparts! She starts with forcing his nose into her armpits, smothering him and humiliating him with the disturbing smell at the same time. But that’s not all he has to take, she also forces him to smell her sweaty buttcrack and ofcourse her stinky feet. She even more humiliates him by telling him that he’ll never get more from a gorgeous women like she is. Total humiliation for him – total fun for her!

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December 2, 2008

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Polishing a BBW Mistress’ nails

BBW Lady Cathy wants her nails polished, so she instructs her slave to come over to her, knee down, take off her sneakers and demands to get her nails polished. But her slave is too dumb and also griping about her feet beeing smelly – of course Cathy is very angry about that, grabs his hair, raising his head and push the brush of the nail polish into his mouth. Now he has to paint her nails with the brush in mouth. After he finished the polishing she forces his head down on the floor, resting her feet on his head until the polish is dry.

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October 9, 2008

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Hard Punishment – Slapping, Beating & Kicking!

Mistress Katja is very angry that day and when she sees some loser walking in a tunnel alone she just couldn’t resist! She starts with some hard face slapping and kicks into his crotch and belly – he’s so shocked by this girl’s brutality that he doesn’t even fight back! He’s going down after a short time and after some more hard kicks she makes him kiss her shoes and soles, telling him that she will let him go maybe if he does so!

Mistress Katja faceslaps you!
Mistress Katja punching him with her fist Mistress Katja kicking him

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October 8, 2008

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BBW Lady Cathy makes you smell her shoes & ass

BBW Mistress Cathy finds the loser lying on the bed. After verbally humiliating him she sits down on his breast, takes off her sport shoes and presses them right on his nose – there’s nothing he can do as she’s still sitting on his chest and he’s too weak to get her off, so he has to take this extreme humiliation – smelling her sweaty shoes! After a while BBW Lady Cathy gets bored with just the shoe smelling, so she stands up and sits down again – but this time on his face – pressing her big beautiful butt into his face.

BBW Lady Cathy found the loser
BBW Lady Cathy makes the loser smell her sweaty sport shoes BBW Lady Cathy sits down on his face with her massive weight

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September 26, 2008

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Hardcore Spitting by the evil twins Anna and Kathy

The twins Anna and Kathy decide to have some fun with their little loser. They wrestle him down and spit all over his face and even in his mouth. While he suffers under their humiliation they continously laugh about his loser life and how funny he looks with all the spit covering his face! In the end Anna spits her chewed chewing gum in his mouth and forces him to swallow it and all the spit pooled in his mouth!

The twins spit on his face
Spitting into his mouth Spitting all over his face

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September 18, 2008

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Mistress Katja’s Human Astray Session

Mistress Katja wants to smoke a cigarette and use her slave as her human ashtray. Here’s her description of the session:

That is it! Today my slave has the great honour to be my personally feet holder! But that’s not enough! This stupid idiot also has to be my human ashtray! Yeah, open your mouth wide, slave! Nice, how loud it frizzles in his mouth!

Cigarette Ash in your mouth
Mistress Katja wants to smoke a cigarette Eat the smoke, loser!

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