September 18, 2008

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Top Model Xenia Foot Smother Session

Top Model Xenia smothers her foot stool with her perfect feet. First she’s sitting on the couch, sitting relaxed with her feet on the slave’s face. To improve the smothering she jamms him between her feet and her beautiful butt – preventing him from breathing!

Xenia smothers him with her foot
Xenia foot smothering Jammed between Xenia's feet and butt

Everything for the foot fetish afficionado at

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2 responses to "Top Model Xenia Foot Smother Session"
Chuck said:
November 2, 2009

Where do i go to be a foot slave?

farshad said:
December 22, 2009

Dear Godess;
i am a foot slave guy in iran , here is no way to have a chance to be foot slave , what should i do? do you know anywhere in UAE ,DUBAI??

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