March 16, 2009

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Cruel facesitting games in the torture dungeon

Mistress Katja took one of her slaves into her torture dungeon and bound him on a settle with a rope. She then sits down on his face with her hot ass covered with nothing but sexy hotpants. She sits on his face frontal and reverse with her full weight, smothering him under her beautiful butt.

Cruel facesitting games in the torture dungeon
Cruel facesitting games in the torture dungeon Cruel facesitting games in the torture dungeon

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October 8, 2008

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BBW Lady Cathy makes you smell her shoes & ass

BBW Mistress Cathy finds the loser lying on the bed. After verbally humiliating him she sits down on his breast, takes off her sport shoes and presses them right on his nose – there’s nothing he can do as she’s still sitting on his chest and he’s too weak to get her off, so he has to take this extreme humiliation – smelling her sweaty shoes! After a while BBW Lady Cathy gets bored with just the shoe smelling, so she stands up and sits down again – but this time on his face – pressing her big beautiful butt into his face.

BBW Lady Cathy found the loser
BBW Lady Cathy makes the loser smell her sweaty sport shoes BBW Lady Cathy sits down on his face with her massive weight

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October 7, 2008

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Blonde Goddess Jessy facesitting in jeans

Jessy is chatting with a friend by sms while she’s sitting on her slave’s face. She’s pressing her sexy skin-tight jeans hard on his face with her weight. Her slave can’t do anything against his brutal torture as he’s bound and gagged with sticky tape. To increase his pain she stretches out her legs and sits on his face with her full weight.

Jessy sitting on her slave's face in tight jeans
Jessy sits on her slave's face while typing a sms Sitting fullweight in her skin-tight jeans

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