April 1, 2009

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Medea Tramples a Pathetic Man Slave

Mistress Medea gets sick and tired of listening to her stupid man slaves complain. So, she punishes them for misbehaving, which can be painful!

This man slave was running his mouth, and actually disagreed with his mistress. What a stupid piece of man shit, no wonder all he’s good for is bowing to the Mistress Medea.

As punishment, Mistress Media tramples him, stepping hard on his face and making it difficult for him to breathe. Just look at how red he is! Stupid man whore! Maybe this will teach him that Mistress Medea calls the shots and not some no-name man slut.

Medea Tramples a Pathetic Man Slave
Medea Tramples a Pathetic Man Slave Medea Tramples a Pathetic Man Slave

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December 3, 2008

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Smell Antonia’s sweaty body parts!

Antonia is a cruel girl, she makes her slave smell her sweaty bodyparts! She starts with forcing his nose into her armpits, smothering him and humiliating him with the disturbing smell at the same time. But that’s not all he has to take, she also forces him to smell her sweaty buttcrack and ofcourse her stinky feet. She even more humiliates him by telling him that he’ll never get more from a gorgeous women like she is. Total humiliation for him – total fun for her!

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October 10, 2008

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Smell russian Christina’s stinky socks

Russian cutie Christina had a busy day. She was in shopping malls all day spending the money of her slaves. Of course her feet are very sweaty after walking around in leather boots for hours. When she comes back she orders one of her slaves to lie down on the floor in front of a stool, she sits down and puts her high heeled boots on his chest. She takes off her boots shortly after and presses her sweaty stinky socks directly into his face.

Smell Christina's socks
Christina getting her sweaty feet out of her sexy leather boots Smell Christina's sweaty socks

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October 5, 2008

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Worship BBW Lady Cathy’s Boots and Feet

BBW Lady Cathy surfs on the internet while her slave has to lie under her desk. At first she only rests her boots on his face, makes him her foot-stool – but after a while she instructs him to lick the soles of her boots clean. After he cleaned her boots she demands that he takes of her boots and smells her stinky socks that she had worn all day. At the end the little loser is allowed to take the socks off too and worship her beautiful bare feet.

BBW Lady Cathy is resting her boots on her slave's face
Lick BBW Lady Cathy's Boots, Slave! Slave licking BBW Lady Cathy's feet

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September 29, 2008

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Point-of-View: Under a big beautiful lady

BBW Lady Cathy is sitting on YOUR face. See wonderful POV shots of her butt covered with a skin tight jeans. After that BBW Lady Cathy stands up and tramples YOU with the hard soles of her boots. Or do you prefer bare BBW feet? Trampling you with her soft soles!

Under a big beautiful butt
Under a chubby mistresses boots Under plump girls feet

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September 23, 2008

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Worship Mistress Katja’s shoes, socks and feet

Mistress Katja gets her shoes licked clean by her slave. Afterwards she makes him smell her socks and feet. Here’s her description of the session:

What a nice day! I should drive around the city with my brand new car after this hard working day! Ah, there’s my little feetlover! I got a special to-do-list for him! Keep my door open is his first service! Well, I bet he wants to lick my shoes clean before my car gets dirty! Yeah, lick them! Mh…very sandy, huh? I got something much better for you to do now! What about my sweaty socks? Yeah, directly under your nose with them! Haha! Put them off and lick my bare feet! Get a move on!

Smell Mistress Katja's well worn socks
Lick Mistress Katja's dirty sneakers Smell Mistress Katja's feet

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