October 1, 2008

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SadoGirl Jen harsh hand trampling

Sadistic Girl Jen tramples her slave’s hand hard with her sexy high-heeled boots. She makes him scream in pain while she’s puncturing his hands with her sharp heels. After this session her slave can be happy to have a little feeling left in his hands!

Jen standing on his both hands
Jen puncturing his hand with her sharp heel Jen trampling his hand

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September 27, 2008

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Mistress Katja trampling her slave’s hand brutal

Mistress Katja tramples her slave’s hand brutally near the pool. He has his hands bound to the stairs so he has no chance to escape his torture. She’s drilling her sharp heels deep into his hand, leaving deep marks in his flesh.

Mistress Katja drilling her sharp heel deep into his flesh
Mistress Katja digs both Heels into his hand Trampling his hand near the pool

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