December 11, 2008

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BBW Mistress facesitting and spitting on slave

BBW Mistress Cathy presses her massive ass on her weak slave’s face. He’s struggling under the immense weight what makes Cathy even more amused – feeling this little boy gasping for air between her powerful and heavy butt-cheeks. She facesits him both frontal and reverse and to increase his humiliation even more she spits right into his ugly face in the end – while she’s still sitting on the lower half of his face!

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September 26, 2008

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Hardcore Spitting by the evil twins Anna and Kathy

The twins Anna and Kathy decide to have some fun with their little loser. They wrestle him down and spit all over his face and even in his mouth. While he suffers under their humiliation they continously laugh about his loser life and how funny he looks with all the spit covering his face! In the end Anna spits her chewed chewing gum in his mouth and forces him to swallow it and all the spit pooled in his mouth!

The twins spit on his face
Spitting into his mouth Spitting all over his face

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September 18, 2008

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Jasmina Sun’s fullweight bikini smother

Jasmina Sun has found her perfect seating cushion – a male face – what else? She enjoys riding his face as well frontal as reverse – pressing his face hard between her butt cheeks.

Jasmina Sun sitting fullweight on his face
Jasmina Sun frontal facesitting Jasmina Sun reverse facesitting

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